True Essence of Adventure: Sandhan Valley

     Nagpurian Gang- a group of wanderlusts with an itchy foot decided to explore the valley of Shadow-Sandhan Valley with Audacious Hikers. We were almost a group of 10-12 people and all were carrying their engineering minds. We all started our journey from Balewadi, Pune with audacious folks.
      Akkshhey, the jolly guy with an expertise in trekking and mountaineering and Pratik, a steel-hearted trekker were leading the whole team. They were even responsible for the itinerary. As it was the exploration trek so they collected as much info as they can about the route details. They even got
some trek maps, to track the way which enormously helped us in reaching the place without any kind of confusion or distraction.
     It was a long distance from Pune to Sandhan valley. So in the meantime, we enjoyed Antakshari with other trekkers. After reaching base camp, we had our stone oven breakfast at 6:00 clock in the early morning. All the trekkers got settled up having yummy poha and hot tea.
      Finally, Nagpurian Gang started their trek with a high zeal for exploring something new and adventurous in Sahyadri’s biting cold. After 15mints of our trek, we found ourselves in the mountainous valley, covered on two sides by hills, reaching to the height of 150fts. Water was mildly gushing through the
spaces between the rocks and we followed the water flow, but one of the members of the gang- Snehal just wanted to swim around the pond and we all threw her into the water and began our fun.
     The valley of shadows gets darker and narrower. We wondered what if the wall on both the side starts getting closer. Oops! We get ready to enter the big pond of water in Sandhan. We tied up the shoes with our bag. The water
was coming to the stomach and mind you, it was chilling cold! The endless parallel walls and the rocks are so huge so we all started feeling like an ant crawling through the valley.
     There is a dead end and there was only one option to get down and that thrilling experience was given by Audacious Hikers i.e- “Waterfall Rappelling”, as rocks were too tricky so we opt to do rappelling to get down with audacious helping hands. Yes hold on to your excitement, this is surely adventurous.
Chaitanya and Mayuresh from our Nagpuri gang were ready to rappel down…..No wait actually they were ready for a “Pose”, our Show off boys. Yes, we have one more pose ready guy- Sarang.
     After thrilling as well as exciting rappelling experience, in the midnight we crossed across miles in the dense forest to reach our base camp. Very few people have taken up this phase as it is considered to be very tough. But the beautiful sky packed with shining stars, chilled weather and stone ovened food made us forget the tiredness.
     And yes Sandhan Valley trek was the most thrilling and memorable trek till now for our gang. I would urge all that you should visit Sandhan valley once and especially trekking experience with Audacious Hikers would be
an enthralling and exciting experience.
     I would like to thank Audacious Hikers on behalf of our gang for the best hospitality and fun loving and adventurous experience.
     To go at the end side of the gorge you have cross 2-3 water pools, water level changes according to seasons, in winter it is up to waist & in summer it is up to knee height. At the end of the valley, you get a magnificent view of high cliffs & deep valleys. To reach up to this point you don’t need any trekking
equipment. This is called Sandhan Valley trek.

-Neha Selokar ( working in InfoVisions LabPvt. Ltd. )