I wonder a lot now,

one place can only last so long,
before I can find my heart again,
I seek out to look for it,
out in an empty place,
I build myself a home,
brick by brick,
I lay my heart out under the moon,

Only its too native to understand,
Home is never a place.

It was a Saturday  night and a trek lined from Katraj to Sinhagad,
a very common route, and popular amongst all the hikers.
K2S is known for its challenging terrain and testing your endurance, and of course, you witness one of the most amazing views of the city.

Well, what a sight to start of the trek with, moon right above us lighting up the route and showering a beam on the mountains was just worth watching.

We were a group of 10 people, me and my very dear friend were leading as we knew the path well, little did we know what this night had to offer us, everyone was in their own space discussing life, the complete silence up there made me fall in love with that place.

13 hills seemed a small number,
those dry trees, steep valleys, inclining all the way to 0 degrees and then to 90 again surely tested the nuts out of our legs.
After a time I felt as if I was walking in some horror movie, leading from the front in such an area was scary at times.
I remember as we got closer to our destination, we could feel our legs but I had an amazing company with me.
To start off with 
 From an unknown to being such a good friend, hiking for the very first time and the amount of enthusiasm and energy was phenomenal.
a 9th-grade student, living his hobby in this age was motivating,
not for once that guy sat down for any rest he was charged all the way long
How can I thank you Kodre, my perfect twin, being there celebrating each and every dream of ours, I wish someone could have really captured that picture of ours sleeping with that blanket.
I could see the amount of happiness he had when we screamed our voices out  How’s the josh! well, the campfire was a story in itself!

Thank you to everyone who was there for making this more special,Akkshey and Audacious hikers for being a wonderful host!

I’ve got a thing for those people who wear their hearts on their chest and have a passion in their tears. These are the type of people I’m in love with , these are my people!

What makes night treks so special?
It is often said that there is a certain sense of lack of boundaries in the night, and our visual apparatus function in such a way that where there is no light everything merges into an experience which enables us to think more, where we are undeniably ourselves! Isn’t that a special feeling!

Luckily got some morning clouds to add some mood

by sumeet doddamani