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ट्रेकिंग म्हणजे काय रे भाऊ...

भल्या पहाटे झोपेतून उठलायेस का कधी

डोंगरावर आलेली सोनेरी किनार पाहिलीयेस का कधी

त्या मखमली छताखाली हात पसरवून उभा राहून बघ

मग तुला कळेल…

ट्रेकिंग म्हणजे काय रे भाऊ… ।१।

आम्ही स्वर्ग नाही पाहिला

कात्रज ते सिंहगड नाईट ट्रेक करताना

 जमिनीवर ताऱ्यांच्या भास झाला

 शत्रूशी दोन हात करताना

 गड आला पण सिंह गेला। 

 देव टाक्यांच पाणी पिताना जणू अमृताचा भास झाला….

True Essence of Adventure: Sandhan Valley

Nagpurian Gang- a group of wanderlusts with an itchy foot decided to explore the valley of Shadow-Sandhan Valley with Audacious Hikers. We were almost a group of 10-12 people and all were carrying their engineering minds. We all started our journey from Balewadi, Pune with audacious folks….

A hidden Gem of Sahyadri : Kataldhar Waterfall

An awesome outing does not always need a lavish and expensive place to hang out with my people who consider themselves celebrities. All it needs is a decent, calm and fresh location with some stupid people around. And that is what I had.

From my gang, some people were skeptical about the trek as they haven’t been to any. That’s why we opt Audacious Hikers the best trekking group from Pune who takes care of you during the trek and gives you the ample of endurance to reach the final destination…


I wonder a lot now,

one place can only last so long, 
before I can find my heart again,
I seek out to look for it, 
out in an empty place,
I build myself a home,
brick by brick, 
I lay my heart out under the moon,

Only its too native to understand, 
Home is never a place.

It was a Saturday  night and a trek lined from Katraj to Sinhagad,
a very common route, and popular amongst all the hikers.
K2S is known for its challenging terrain and testing your endurance, and of course, you witness one of the most amazing views of the city.