A hidden Gem of Sadhyadri : Kataldhar Waterfall

An awesome outing does not always need a lavish and expensive place to hang out with my people who consider themselves celebrities. All it needs is a decent, calm and fresh location with some stupid people around. And that is what I had.

From my gang, some people were skeptical about the trek as they haven’t been to any. That’s why we opt Audacious Hikers the best trekking group from Pune who takes care of you during the trek and gives you the ample of endurance to reach the final destination.

The day started at 5 AM as we were supposed to report at Shivajinagar railway station at 6:10 AM. Out of excitement cum nervousness we reached there well ahead of time. We boarded the train from Shivajinagar to Lonavala at 6:30 at reached there at around 8:00. Meanwhile, we reached Lonavala and had our breakfast along with a round of introductory discussions.

After having a delicious breakfast we started traveling towards our goal, the amazingly beautiful KATALDHAR Waterfall. Unfortunately, my 3 companions (Rahul, Mayur, & Chatty) started pulling legs of each other while we were walking to the descend. Especially the guy Rahul was just living the present moment full-fledged and giving it all his heart, mind, and souls. Gossips by Shru and Sandy-like never before were going on throughout the way. The hilarious jokes made by Mayur and Chatty with us added spice to all that.

The best part of the trek as everyone slip of while descending and Rahul was leading in falling as he falls off 100 of times and still his laughter and his chirpy shoes were ready to make noise. And we clicked 1000s of snaps during our trek.

It was 1 in the noon by the time we reached the final spot which was awfully amazing. It probably was the biggest waterfall we had seen in this monsoon. We were all amazed and satisfied at the same time. The wind touching our face along with the splash of water every now and then. No words can describe happiness and peace of mind at that moment.

Every year the monsoon brings with it many adventures in the region of Sahyadri and the Kataldhar Waterfall is one that you won’t forget!

This place is untouched since slightly difficult to reach for, But Audacious Hikers made all of us astonished by the amazing dream lunch (the feeling of having Gulabjam in the dense forest has faded away all the pain we had in the journey) and we thoroughly enjoyed descend and ascend of Kataldhar with the deadly volunteers Pratik, Mangesh,Mansi and the leading star Akshay. Year over years, our team Audacious Hikers is visiting mesmerizing trekking places and every time I get rejuvenated when back from treks.

-Neha Selokar ( working in InfoVisions LabPvt. Ltd. )